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Is keeping a promise important for you?

I  promised myself that I will not do unnecessary things, say bad words, always respect and understand the decisions of others. 

Promises are important, because they give people hope in something that for sure will happen at the right time. It is important to keep your promises, because once you have delivered the words, they can never be revoked; words that already linger in people’s mind and keeps them hoping until you fulfill your promise.

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Filipino resilience

The resilient Filipino spirit was once again put to test when Super Typhoon Lawin hit The Philippines in October. People were alarmed and terrified as the worse of it hit the provinces. Four- to five-metre high storm surges, fierce skies, heavy rain and strong winds were threatening as forecasted.

Despite the massive losses, Lawin was not as severe as Typhoon Yolanda in 2013, because early preparation and the evacuation of the people helped and saved more lives.

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Our Lady of the Rosary celebrates 63rd birthday

The parish of Our Lady of the Rosary in Pokfield Road, Kennedy Town, celebrated its 63rd birthday with a bilingual Mass celebrated by John Cardinal Tong Hon; together with by Father Francis Tam Kam-wing, our parish priest; his assistant, Father Dominic Lui Chi-man; and Father Efren Ojeda; and assisted by a deacon, Reverend Arjay Venus.

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Jesus smiles

Jesus Christ, I thank you for your powerful smile,

a sign of peace and understanding

for those who are in trouble,

which speaks a lot in one way or another.


Your smile brings love and hope for the broken-hearted

It heals and soothes a wounded spirit

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A visit to the cathedral in the Year of Mercy

It was already October 1 and once again some 240 members of the English-speaking Community from the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Tai Po set off on their Annual Pilgrimage; but this year was different because we were extremely fortunate that in this Jubilee Year of Mercy and our first stop was the cathedral.

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Looking back with a grateful heart

Greetings of peace! First of all I would like to thank the Sunday Examiner for being a partner in the spiritual walk in my journey of faith as I worked here in Hong Kong.

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Can anger help you to survive?

For me yes! Anger can help to survive any emotional illness. Anger must be expressed to prevent a heart attack, must be released to let the person know that you are upset to avoid long term misunderstandings. Anger can help you survive depression and become a stronger person.

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The Day of Grace and Mercy

The Apostleship of Prayer English-speaking Community Hong Kong held a pilgrimage on October 1 to the Immaculate Heart of Mary parish in Tai Po.

It was indeed a great day of celebrating the Jubilee of Mercy and entering the Holy Door of Mercy. It was a good opportunity for us to gather together and ask for forgiveness and pray for our sins to be forgiven.

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What is gained from caring for the aged and children?

Taking care of elderly people enhances my knowledge and it is good training for me, as I will soon be taking care of my own parents when they are in their golden age.

I also love to take care of children, but it has negative impact on my side as a mother. It only reminds me of my own children, whom I am unable to take care of, and instead I have to take care of those that are not my own. This is an emotional burden for me.

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The parable at work

Last September 25, after attending my Sunday Mass at St. Joseph’s, I decided to go home earlier than usual as I was not feeling well. 

On my way, I saw a woman in her 20s carrying two bags and it seemed that she was having a hard time carrying them.

As she stopped for a while, I reached out to her and helped her carry her bags. She was holding the right handle and I held the other side. It was really heavy.