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The Day of Grace and Mercy

The Apostleship of Prayer English-speaking Community Hong Kong held a pilgrimage on October 1 to the Immaculate Heart of Mary parish in Tai Po.

It was indeed a great day of celebrating the Jubilee of Mercy and entering the Holy Door of Mercy. It was a good opportunity for us to gather together and ask for forgiveness and pray for our sins to be forgiven.

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What is gained from caring for the aged and children?

Taking care of elderly people enhances my knowledge and it is good training for me, as I will soon be taking care of my own parents when they are in their golden age.

I also love to take care of children, but it has negative impact on my side as a mother. It only reminds me of my own children, whom I am unable to take care of, and instead I have to take care of those that are not my own. This is an emotional burden for me.

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The parable at work

Last September 25, after attending my Sunday Mass at St. Joseph’s, I decided to go home earlier than usual as I was not feeling well. 

On my way, I saw a woman in her 20s carrying two bags and it seemed that she was having a hard time carrying them.

As she stopped for a while, I reached out to her and helped her carry her bags. She was holding the right handle and I held the other side. It was really heavy.

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Thoughts on our mission after a pilgrimage

Experience is the best teacher,” a maxim proven true in a testimony commonly shared by first time visitors on a pilgrimage to the Door of Mercy at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Mid-levels, on September 16.

The visit to the cathedral, dubbed, A pilgrimage to remember, was organised by the Divine Mercy Prayer Group from St. Jude’s parish in North Point with the purpose of sharing spiritual experiences.

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How do you rate the success of your family dreams?

I rate seven out of 10, because I am still building up my dreams for them. That dream is to send them to school until they finish their studies and make a fruitful life someday. My family is my big dream, because they are my strength, my life, my everything. That’s why I’m here working abroad.

 — Con Barsabal


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We are designed to help

There are people who don’t believe in God, but they are kind and generous. So how much more we Christians could do to show that caring about others is part of our faith? 

We read in the bible that faith without action is dead (James 2:14). Helping others is God’s command, as we are told to love our neighbour as ourselves.

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From hopeless to hopeful

In life, we all have our plans and desires, not just for ourselves, but for our family as well. In every dream there is hope. God gave us a complete body for us to work for a living, talents for us to share and a healthy mind that can be used for discernment and, above all, for us to glorify him.

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My first problem as a migrant worker

The first problem I encountered as an overseas worker was being away from my children. But for their better future, I have to be strong and be firm in my decision. Facing it in a way is too difficult for me, but I need to. I just hope and believe that all of this will be paid off seeing my children march on stage at their graduation. This is the least I can do for them as a mother.

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Save lives donate blood

The Philippine Consulate General to Hong Kong organised an annual blood donation drive, Dugong Alay ng Pilipino (Blood offering as a Filipino) with the Hong Kong Red Cross on August 14. I voluntarily went and visited the Causeway Bay Donor Centre of the group.

A number of Filipino organisations and individual donors from various nationalities, such as Indonesians, Chinese and local residents took part in the one-day donation campaign.

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Do you have to clean exterior windows? 

We live on the 37th floor of the building and I still need to clean the external windows. Before, my employer used to ask me to do them, but now she does not need to because I have included it in my own schedule.