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My first problem as a migrant worker

The first problem I encountered as an overseas worker was being away from my children. But for their better future, I have to be strong and be firm in my decision. Facing it in a way is too difficult for me, but I need to. I just hope and believe that all of this will be paid off seeing my children march on stage at their graduation. This is the least I can do for them as a mother.

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Save lives donate blood

The Philippine Consulate General to Hong Kong organised an annual blood donation drive, Dugong Alay ng Pilipino (Blood offering as a Filipino) with the Hong Kong Red Cross on August 14. I voluntarily went and visited the Causeway Bay Donor Centre of the group.

A number of Filipino organisations and individual donors from various nationalities, such as Indonesians, Chinese and local residents took part in the one-day donation campaign.

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Do you have to clean exterior windows? 

We live on the 37th floor of the building and I still need to clean the external windows. Before, my employer used to ask me to do them, but now she does not need to because I have included it in my own schedule.

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An iota of dream

My childhood fantasy was amazing,
My mom bought me a nurse doll.
That led me to a school of nursing,
Serving and caring for patients in hospital.

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The gift of marriage

Two friends that I treat like my own siblings tied the knot as they made their marriage vows on July 19.

Although we are not related by blood, Rina and Noel Qua, and myself treat one another as family. I am really happy, because it was an answered prayer for me. I was the one who encouraged the new couple to receive the sacrament of matrimony. Although I was unable to witness their vows, I was really happy for them that finally they received the blessing from heaven.

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A song of thanksgiving

Thanks for each raindrop that nourish lives.

Thanks for the sunlight that warms us up.

Thanks for our parents who bring us up.

Thanks for all teachers who help us grow.

Thanks for all people who show us God’s love we know.

Thanks for all people who hurt us

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We don’t need to be rich before we help

It broke my heart to see the picture and read the story of a seven-year-old little girl who pedaled uphill to help her grandfather sell fruits in Chongqing in South China Morning Post on June 27 this year. It is touching to know about her care for her grandfather at a really young age.

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Should Marcos be buried at the Heroes Cemetery?

Marcos is not a hero. He stole many things. He ordered many killings and his henchman killed many people. He had many innocent people imprisoned, snatched, tortured and many women were raped by his soldiers and brutally killed. These are all documented. It is not merely a story made up or a work of the imagination.

 — Jorgie Amado


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How do you feel about the drug killings?

From my point of view, drugs are the number one problem in The Philippines. I feel sorry and numb about the killings. But the fact is, no drug lord has been sentenced or there is not enough evidence to prove their crimes. I just pray for all the victims of killings because we are really not sure if they were guilty or not or if they were really involved in drugs.

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The apple of his eye

Friend, you are the apple in his sight,

A true bearer of his own bright light.

Faithfully, you are praying day and night,

Your complete trust in God is his delight.


Rejoice, for today is your special day!

A chosen date by God is your birthday.