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The way Yvonne loves fish — A letter to Sanna

Yvonne told me that she loves fish. So I ordered fish for her.

But then she clarified that she never eats fish for she loves fish.

When we celebrate, we kill animals, fish and birds. Why do we make soup out of snakes and shark fins? Why do we eat chicken, ducks, geese, baby pigs and pigeons? Why do we eat lobster, oyster, prawns, crabs, garoupa and abalone?

But we never eat dogs or cats. For they are our pets.

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To be or not to be home for dinner

We work now work every day and often cannot go home even for dinner.

I remember our school principal, Sister Magdelene Siu, often said, “A house is built by hands, but a family is built by the heart. You must go home for dinner. A happy family can support you to be a good teacher.”

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Builders and peacemakers in a broken world

The suffering around the world is stressful. Sometimes we even reach the point where we just want to close our eyes and ears from all the devastating realities happening around us, just to avoid being stressed and getting affected.

But no matter how we try to avoid the painful realities of life, the problems are still there as there is no escape. We all need to face and deal with the challenges of life and its imperfections as long as we keep breathing.

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Are you comfortable sharing your faith with your employer?



My employer is not a believer, so it is hard to share my faith with them. But I told them that during my holidays I spent most of the time in a Catholic Church where I serve as acolyte.

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Thought for the Week

Did I tell you that I love you?


Your endless love

had started 

even before my own birth.

Did I tell you that I love you?


From my first breath

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Our prayers are powerful

All centres of the Apostleship of Prayer English Speaking Community Hong Kong joined a Mass to celebrate the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ at the Mother of Good Counsel parish in San Po Kong on June 5.

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Beware instant fair-weather friends ...

Never immediately trust anyone in The Philippines when they offer you free travel with cash incentives. If there is someone offering free travel to Hong Kong, please ignore it and see if you need to report it to the nearest police station. That can be a drug syndicate.

First, the people of the drug syndicates make friends with you, ask you to go out, eat out and have some fun. And when they know they have got your confidence, they approach you for a free trip to Hong Kong.

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Do you shy away from making requests at work?



No, because as a worker we also have the right before signing the contract or before we start to work. We discuss the do’s and don’ts in the contract. As an employee we need to follow the rules and regulations and know our limits. The employers too have to know their limits and both parties should talk about their expectations.

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Your Album

Father Luigi Bonalumi (left) and Father Paolo Ceruti pose with three students from the Sunday school and their families on their confirmation day at Immaculate Heart of Mary parish, Tai Po, on May 15.

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Rain revives the earth

At long last, in mid-May, the people’s prayer was finally answered when heavenly blessing poured out rain. Indeed, worth the wait. We praise and thank God for his mercy and compassion for the wet season has come.