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We don’t need to be rich before we help

It broke my heart to see the picture and read the story of a seven-year-old little girl who pedaled uphill to help her grandfather sell fruits in Chongqing in South China Morning Post on June 27 this year. It is touching to know about her care for her grandfather at a really young age.

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Should Marcos be buried at the Heroes Cemetery?

Marcos is not a hero. He stole many things. He ordered many killings and his henchman killed many people. He had many innocent people imprisoned, snatched, tortured and many women were raped by his soldiers and brutally killed. These are all documented. It is not merely a story made up or a work of the imagination.

 — Jorgie Amado


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How do you feel about the drug killings?

From my point of view, drugs are the number one problem in The Philippines. I feel sorry and numb about the killings. But the fact is, no drug lord has been sentenced or there is not enough evidence to prove their crimes. I just pray for all the victims of killings because we are really not sure if they were guilty or not or if they were really involved in drugs.

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The apple of his eye

Friend, you are the apple in his sight,

A true bearer of his own bright light.

Faithfully, you are praying day and night,

Your complete trust in God is his delight.


Rejoice, for today is your special day!

A chosen date by God is your birthday.

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Another look into mercy

HONG KONG (SE): In order to deepen the understanding of what the Year of Mercy is about, the Filipino Chaplaincy of Hong Kong organised an afternoon on the Reflection of the Year of Mercy, at Sing Yin Secondary School in Clearwater Bay Road, Kowloon, on August 21.

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Para sa aking mga kababayan

Dahil sa kahirapan at kakulangan ng oportunidad sa sariling bayan, marami sa ating mga kapwa Pilipino ang nangingibang bansa upang manilbihan. Buong tapang na nakikipagsapalaran sa ibang bansa kahit hindi alam kung anong kalagayan ang haharapin at anong pagtrato ang dadanasin sa magiging amo.

Di inaalintana kahit ang sariling kaligtasan at walang kasiguruhan, kahit marami na ang napabalita na naabuso o napagsamantalahan. 

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God speaks in silence

God speaks in the silence of our heart.

The good news he would like to impart.

To have him in the communion of the heart.

Welcome him and let us have a good start.


Are we aware of God’s presence each day?

If not, start to feel his presence from today.

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My happy writing experiences

Sometimes at home, I read my compilation of articles. Every time I read the work of my own hands I smile. I am even tempted to ask where I got all those ideas and words to express myself from. Yet there is no doubt about it as it has all been God’s mysterious work in my life. His plans are unfathomable by human understanding.

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Is it important your children get good exam results?



As parents, the achievement of our children is always our pride. We work abroad in order to give them a good education. It is important for us that they are performing well in school and that they get good results in their examinations, so they can be promoted to another level. Their education will pave the way to a brighter future.

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Following the lead of the Spirit

The Gospel St. John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, and for those who believe in him will not perish, but will have eternal life.”

This is only one of God’s promises that I hold onto in sharing his goodness and his kindness with the fellow members in our community.