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My happy writing experiences

Sometimes at home, I read my compilation of articles. Every time I read the work of my own hands I smile. I am even tempted to ask where I got all those ideas and words to express myself from. Yet there is no doubt about it as it has all been God’s mysterious work in my life. His plans are unfathomable by human understanding.

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Is it important your children get good exam results?



As parents, the achievement of our children is always our pride. We work abroad in order to give them a good education. It is important for us that they are performing well in school and that they get good results in their examinations, so they can be promoted to another level. Their education will pave the way to a brighter future.

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Following the lead of the Spirit

The Gospel St. John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, and for those who believe in him will not perish, but will have eternal life.”

This is only one of God’s promises that I hold onto in sharing his goodness and his kindness with the fellow members in our community.

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The best mangoes are from Cebu

I worked for a family in Cebu as a domestic worker on a small salary. But they liked me so much and treated me as part of their own family.

My husband’s family had a fishing boat and some fields in Leyte, so we were able to make ends meet until the terrible day Typhoon Yolanda struck in November 2013.

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Notice Board

Thought for the week

Master,” Simon answered, “We worked hard
all night long and caught nothing. But if you
say so, I will let down the nets.” (Luke 5:5)

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Notice Board - What would prompt you to quit your job?

I think one of the reasons why an individual would leave their job is if they are no longer happy with the work or perhaps the person does not know what he or she really wants to do in life.

Although I am blessed with a good employer, for me, if you know what you want and have the determination to work, you will not mind sacrificing. I am willing to sacrifice no matter how hard the work is for the sake of my family. 

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Do you think the new president can bring hope?

President Rodrigo Duterte is the new hope for the Filipino people. I trust that he will free our country from corruption, illegal drugs and protect the people, especially the children.

In the first week after he became president, he proved himself by changing people’s lives. He has offered high bounty for arresting drug lords and planned to impose a curfew for minors to fight crime.

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Notice Board



Let’s welcome the new administration

The newly-elected president of the Republic of The Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, took his official oath of office on June 30. He is the first mayor in our political history to hold the highest position in the government.

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What do you do if family asks for extra money?

I make a monthly budget for them and give the exact amount. It is up to them to manage their monthly allowance. But I can give extra for emergencies or important matters. After all they are my family. We can never tell, maybe one day I will also need their help. Since I am the eldest in our family I can support them with what they need as long as I have the means.

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True friendship

True friends are precious gifts,

Given by God from the heaven above.

They are like the angels at your side,

With their great care, long and lasting love.


They are the light of your humble soul,

Always present at your moment of darkness.