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Allow God to love you

By Tricia Bølle

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A miraculous encounter with Our Lady of Guadalupe

One evening when I was assisting a little girl in writing her first book, Happy Audrey, I found myself in a dilemma. Since Audrey was only five-and-a-half years old, her little hands might not be able to copy the Hail Mary Prayer into the middle of the partially-designed page. There and then, just as I was asking God for guidance, she started to draw a chapel on the empty space, which was totally unexpected. 

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Lifetime companion

When a couple decides to step into the church and get married, they should have decided that this lover is their Mr. Right or Miss Right. They need to be very certain that this lover is their Lifetime Companion, meaning that she or he will no longer consider anyone else from then on. This couple must be willing to walk together till the end of their life’s journey.

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Building bridges and making connections with the vulnerable

Mary Yuen
In late July, I participated in the International Conference on Catholic Theological Ethics in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. More than 400 participants from about 80 countries around the world gathered together to reflect on the current ethical challenges facing the world, with focus on political crisis and lack of governance, as well as ecological and environmental issues, and responding from the perspective of Catholic moral theology.

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You are called, you are gifted

Tricia Bølle
Jesus is calling YOU.
“I know well the plans I have for you, says the Lord.” – Jeremiah 29:11
That’s great that God knows those plans, but what about me? How am I supposed to know God’s plan for my life?

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Christ is risen! Now what are you going to do about it?

Tricia Bølle
“Christ is Risen!” 
“He is truly risen!”
So goes the (hopefully enthusiastic) call and response of the Christian faithful as we celebrate this truly joyous occasion when our salvation was won and new life given to us through the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Not a year to spend on the sofa

It is a new year. But it is not just another new year. It is also a Year of Youth in our diocese of Hong Kong as well as in other parts of the world like Australia. 
In fact, the Year of Youth began with the proclamation made by the bishop on the first Sunday of Advent, which traditionally marks the beginning of the new liturgical year in the Catholic Church.

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The Persecution of the Rohingya

The hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees fleeing the attacks and burning of their villages in Myanmar are walking hundreds of kilometres across mountains and through jungles in the rain to escape the slaughter by the Myanmar armed forces. 

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Parents can have special needs too

A 60-year-old father of an autistic teenager chopped his son to death after he fought with his schoolmates in June 2014. The father was sentenced to four years imprisonment on August 11 after admitting to voluntary manslaughter.

His brutal and uncontrolled response to pressure highlights the high incidence rate of deep depression suffered by parents or the carers of such children, which is often ignored by others, even the parents themselves.

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No justice in a bullet in the head or a bag

The Philippines is moving away from its former ear of compassion and justice to one where the innocent are targets for assassination and imprisonment on false charges.

In recent weeks, dozens of bodies have been found, shot dead, with signs pinned on them, declaring them criminals deserving to die.

But there was no trial, no justice. The killers have contempt for the process of justice.