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Notice Board - What to do if children fail in exams?

Parents should first identify the problems, like, if the lesson is too hard, the child is not doing the homework, being absent from school, under a lot of stress or having health problems? Talking to the child’s teacher is of a big help too. Ask the teacher’s opinions about what the child needs to do to pass the class. Lastly, work together closely with the child to develop a plan to address the failing grades. Sometimes a child isn’t all that motivated or just get bored with a particular subject.

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Who remembers what the pope said?

The Philippines seems to be off the international comment agenda of late. Even Pope Francis seems to have forgotten about its existence since his triumphant Palm Sunday-like entrance into Manila in 2015.
Papal condolences have been sent to France, Egypt and England on more than one occasion in recent days, but after a catastrophe in a Manila resort, a besieged city and declaration of martial law, as well as a kidnapped priest and people, some in The Philippines must be wondering what more they have to do to do to rate a papal mention.

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On listening to the scriptures

God speaks to us in the meditative reading of scripture, called in the traditional monastic language lectio divina. Like prayer, this is a spiritual art which takes time to acquire. Learning how to do it forms a large part of a novice’s training in a Benedictine monastery.

First of all, when we settle down to read scripture, we are doing something very different from what we do when we read any other sort of book.

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On listening to God

The Rule of St. Benedict opens with the word listen. A monk should be above all a listener, so indeed should every Christian.

But who, or what, are we to listen to? The Rule says it is to the master and our primary and ultimate master is God. The whole spiritual life of the Christian is a process of listening to God, inclining the ear of the heart.

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Silhouette of God’s love

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness 

was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved 

on the face of the waters.

And God said, Let there be light:

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A shameful event in Philippine history

Is it too hard to understand the saying that the one and only rational response to hunger is food? Reason and logic—even morals and ethics—can be well be irrelevant to hungry people.

Hunger and despair go hand in hand, especially for helpless and hopeless people. And to respond to such people with unbridled anger and deadly force makes the perpetrators not simply callous and merciless, but also downright inhuman, if not emotionally impaired or mentally burdened.

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Film festival shows struggle to break barriers

For the 40th consecutive year the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society put together a two-week international programme around the Easter holiday season, featuring world and Asian premieres, as well as other award-winning productions. 

The entries were rich in their portrayal of the universally-shared human struggle to move beyond the limiting confines that circumscribe life.

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No Easter Sunday without Good Friday


It is Christ dying and rising! Salvation comes indeed in the death and resurrection of Christ. This is an ongoing reality of Christ. This is the heart of remembering Jesus every year during the Lenten season and over the Easter celebrations.

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To my lovely friend Sanna

Rainbow in the rain.

Dawn in the dark.

Sun in the clouds.

Sunlight in summer.

Flowers in spring.

Moon in autumn.

Snow in winter.

All are wonderful.

All are beautiful.

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Who elects the president?

The New Year of the Monkey will be filled with the challenges of the election.

And what are elections in a democratic country but the selection of the leaders who are to be appointed by the citizens to take command of a nation’s affairs.