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My favourite T-shirt

There is something I would like to share with you. If you pay attention while walking the streets of Hong Kong, you too will notice that many people like to wear T-shirts with statements written on them.

These come from many different contexts; advertisements, protests or strikes, mottos or even literature. 

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Christmas refugees and fair trade


Christmas is much more than Santa Claus and consumerism. It is about compassion, love for the poor and seeking justice. Jesus was sent to help change the world. We must carry on this mission but we also have to understand what that challenge is.

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Mary Christmas!

You might get intrigued by the title, or you might say, “wrong spelling.”  Let me validate my greeting. The Christmas story: God-becoming Man, revolves around these two central figures, in the person of Mary and Christ.

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Is there time for Christmas?

In this press button era, when we can call up the whole world on the Internet with one touch of a finger, we would like to command our happiness with similar ease; it should be instant and total.

The illusion that we can do this is common enough, as we see all around us: Eat me, Drink me, Wear me, Drive me and you’ll be happy forever.

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Truly a grass roots Catholic movement

On December 10, we met the French president, François Hollande, to deliver the 900,000 signatures of our Catholic Climate Petition in coalition with other faith groups.

Collectively, we delivered a total of 1,833,973 signatures. An impressive amount of faith-inspired people demanding climate justice.