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Mom, when are you coming home?

“Mom, when are you coming back? When you come back, mother”? The seven-year-old girl repeated the question several times into the tape recorder. 
She thinks her mother is working abroad, but in fact, the 44-year-old Brazilian has been in a correctional centre for the past three years on the other side of the world after being arrested at Hong Kong International airport with drugs in her luggage. 

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Revolution priest dies in Nicaragua

MANAGUA (CWNews): Father Fernando Cardenal, a Jesuit liberation theologian who supported Nicaragua’s Sandinista revolution and served as the nation’s education minister in the government of Daniel Ortega from 1984 to 1990, died on February 20 at the age of 82.

At a time when priests in politics was a hot topic, Father Cardenal became the subject of the famous photograph showing Pope John Paul II’s castigating wagging finger.

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