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New guidelines for faith formation

HONG KONG (SE): The diocese of Hong Kong issued a new set of guidelines on April 17 this year covering the faith formation of young children, the celebration of the sacraments and the liturgy, as well as the ongoing formation of adults after they have received the sacrament of baptism.
On August 20, a forum on the development of faith formation for young children, sponsored by the Diocesan Catechetical Centre and Diocesan Catechetical Commission, was held at St. Patrick’s parish in Lok Fu.

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The language of new evangelisation


The Synod of Bishops says in its final statement that new evangelisation is a process to be described not an entity to be defined, but strongly states that it is the duty of every Christian to be part of the process.

The final statement was passed by the 262 bishops present and goes into the hows, whys, whos and wherefores of the process.