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The price of social exclusion

 In the past two weeks the world has witnessed three major explosions of violence. In Pakistan, bombs went off inside the Church of All Saints in Peshawar, leaving over 80 people dead and more injured—some critically.

In Kenya, armed men ran riot in the plush Westfield Shopping Mall in Nairobi, leaving a still unknown number dead, with the list of injured not yet complete.

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Sesquicentennial of Society of 
St. Vincent de Paul

 The Society of St Vincent de Paul celebrated the sesquicentennial of its foundation in Hong Kong at its annual meeting and Mass on September 17.

In 1863, when the society launched its service, it was strongly supported by the missionary priests and sisters in the colony.

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Schools to follow 
Jesus the Way

In the pastoral outreach of the Church, schools have always played an important role. Since Vatican II closed its doors nearly half a century ago, the Vatican has reaffirmed at least once in each decade the essence and direction of Catholic education.

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A spirituality of the cross

The 14th of September is the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. According to legend, after he was crucified, Jesus’ cross and those of the two thieves who were crucified next to him were thrown into a dry well.

The three crosses were re-discovered by St. Helena, the mother of the Roman emperor, Constantine the Great, on 14 September 320AD. Miracles, which cured the sick and resurrected the dead are said to confirm that one of them was the cross of Jesus.

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After Vatican II ended, a group of Catholic and Protestant theologians from West Germany, France and Switzerland, came together to write The Common Catechism: A Christian Book of Faith in 1969.

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Core values of Catholic schools

Over the past academic year, the education sector in Hong Kong has handled many thorny issues, including class size reduction and school closures, stress on teachers, the impact of the direct-subsidy-scheme, the introduction of national education and the schooling of Shenzhen-Hong Kong cross-border students.

What is worrying on the education scene is that campuses have recently been impacted upon by politicised events in Hong Kong society.

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ALTHOUGH HONG KONG prides itself on being a World City with its ethnic mix and floating international business community, it has been slow to realise that young people from minority groups need to speak the majority language for social mobility.

This is an indication that neither the British colonial authorities nor the government of the special administrative region have had the political will to create a truly multicultural society in the past.

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Peace is secured through trust not guns

AS THE SECURITY on Pope Francis during his trip to World Youth Day in Brazil expressed concern over his safety as he ploughed off into squatter areas and mingled freely among the crowds, the pope calmly told them that his security is bred from the trust of the people.

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Read behind the price tag

The tremendous loss of life that resulted from the collapse of a clothing manufacturing plant in Bangladesh in May has led to a worldwide call from labour representatives, religious leaders and even government officials urging consumers to ask about the labour not the label.

This is a call to sourcing companies as well as people in the street to use their consumer power for the common good and is also a recognition that ultimately, the consumer has the final say over what sells and what does not.

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Do we teach dialogue?

In the July 28 issue of the Sunday Examiner, the diocese of Hong Kong published an urgent call for earnest dialogue and responsible action on the clash between various factions supporting the political status quo and those calling for universal suffrage.