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ALTHOUGH HONG KONG prides itself on being a World City with its ethnic mix and floating international business community, it has been slow to realise that young people from minority groups need to speak the majority language for social mobility.

This is an indication that neither the British colonial authorities nor the government of the special administrative region have had the political will to create a truly multicultural society in the past.

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Peace is secured through trust not guns

AS THE SECURITY on Pope Francis during his trip to World Youth Day in Brazil expressed concern over his safety as he ploughed off into squatter areas and mingled freely among the crowds, the pope calmly told them that his security is bred from the trust of the people.

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Read behind the price tag

The tremendous loss of life that resulted from the collapse of a clothing manufacturing plant in Bangladesh in May has led to a worldwide call from labour representatives, religious leaders and even government officials urging consumers to ask about the labour not the label.

This is a call to sourcing companies as well as people in the street to use their consumer power for the common good and is also a recognition that ultimately, the consumer has the final say over what sells and what does not.

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Do we teach dialogue?

In the July 28 issue of the Sunday Examiner, the diocese of Hong Kong published an urgent call for earnest dialogue and responsible action on the clash between various factions supporting the political status quo and those calling for universal suffrage.

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Faith without deeds is dead

The first encyclical to bear the name of Pope Francis, The Light of Faith (Lumen Fidei), was published on July 5. It is a continuation of Pope Benedict’s first two encyclicals, God is Love and In Hope We are Saved.

The Light of Faith serves as a completion of a reflection on the three theological virtues of faith, hope and charity. It is truly a gift to round out the Year of Faith.

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Why canonise Pope John Paul II?

With a second miracle recognised by the Holy See, Pope John Paul II is set to be canonised together with the late-Pope John XXIII later this year.

Pope John Paul’s case has been the fastest of recent times. The strong desire of both the people and the Holy See to see his name on the list of saints has been significant. While some talk about the impact Pope John Paul had in the public square, his pastoral care within the Church is also important.

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The pleasure 
of reading

Reading brings pleasure. Books, in either printed or electronic form, can also bring enjoyment. The key lies in making the effort to think about the contents and comprehending what the writer is trying to say.

Vatican Radio and the Vatican Information Service both publish summaries of Pope Francis’ morning homilies. The pope uses real life examples in his daily chats to point out that the Church needs to be simple and humble. He talks off the cuff and delights with his sense of humour.

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The voices of Brazil and Hong Kong

THE DELEGATION FROM the Hong Kong diocese is being commissioned on July 7 in preparation for World Youth Day, which is scheduled to open in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on July 23.

But in the run up to the event, Brazil has been experiencing waves of demonstrations joined by over one million people in protest against poor state governance and the huge cost to ordinary people of the preparation for the 2014 World Cup.

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Moral authority on parade

The annual July 1 rally marking the anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong from British to Chinese sovereignty is a mixed bag. However, its ability to attract crowds each year makes it a significant event on the annual calendar.

Although billed as a pro-democracy rally, people express their grievances in a wide variety of areas; from labour relations to monthly pay packets or housing problems; and politics to the administration.

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Educating racism

The exhibition of hooliganism displayed during a soccer match listed as an international friendly between Hong Kong and The Philippines on June 5 comes as a disappointment to most people, especially Filipinos in the city, as they belong to a minority group and have been the butt of much taunting and derogatory remarks over the years.