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Democracy is more than a set of rules

“Authentic democracy is not merely the result of a formal observation of a set of rules, but is the fruit of a convinced acceptance of the values that inspire democratic procedures: the dignity of every human person, the respect of human rights, commitment to the common good as the purpose and guiding criterion for political life” (407, Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church).
As Hong Kong goes to the polls in a District Council election on November 6, people will face a more complex procedure than in previous years, as a result of the constitutional reform package whic

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People stand for people 
at the bazaar

Think November, think Caritas. Think Caritas, think bazaars. This is the message from the Catholic aid agency for the coming month.

Over the coming three Sundays, public venues in various parts of the city will play host to one of the city’s largest charity events. It may not be the biggest money-spinner, but in terms of the number of people who give time, energy, talent and service, it rates high.

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A divided city cannot stand

The saga over the judicial review which ruled in favour of migrant workers being considered to be ordinarily resident in Hong Kong, shows how the much touted values of social harmony and tolerance in our society can be little more than skin deep.

A city that prides itself on the rule of law has suddenly discovered that a significant number of its citizens have little respect for the law, except when it suits them.

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Richness of history can give courage

Hong Kong has reached an era when many well-established religious organisations are reaching significant milestones of commitment to the people of the territory.

This year, the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers marked their centennial of foundation, with a presence in Hong Kong for nearly all of that time, the Dominicans look back on 150 years, the Our Lady of Maryknoll Hospital chalks up 50 years and La Salle College in Kowloon turned 80.

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What’s national may not 
necessarily be moral


As the government of Hong Kong retires to consider its verdict on the Moral and National Education Consultation Paper, educationalists ponder the possible outcomes of such a course being introduced.

The lumping of the two words moral and national together is one concern, as the very title suggests that there is something moral about national pride or patriotism, whereas in reality, this is a long bow to draw.

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Upholding the principles of Catholic education

 The theme for Education Day this year is Commitment and Companionship. As one of the core principles of Catholic education, it is calling on teachers to be good shepherds and encouraging each person working in the field of education to make Jesus their role model, to be prepared to commit to guiding and walking with young people on a life journey that is full of challenges.

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The Caritas Bazaar is a 
celebration of service

In the 1950s, tens of thousands of people swarmed into Hong Kong from mainland China. The diocese appealed for help. The international Church responded generously and this contributed to the establishment of Caritas-Hong Kong in 1953, which hoped to coordinate relief efforts and organise rehabilitation activities.

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Communion and mission 
in lay ministry

 The more than eight months since the Hong Kong diocese began the Year of the Laity with a series of formation programmes have passed in the twinkle of an eye.

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Following through on World Youth Day is critical

The 26th World Youth Day held in Madrid, Spain, came to a close on August 21 and over 800 young people from Hong Kong have returned home to face the next stage of the process, the follow-up, in itself a difficult challenge.